What we offer
Everyone can benefit from Harmonious Breathing, but each person’s goals and needs are different. We can provide just the right course for your needs. We work with individuals and small groups. Sessions last 45mn or different shorter routines, and you can participate at any time and anywhere. You sign up and select any weekly class of your choice to join, and simply enjoy. The benefits of harmonious breathing can be felt after just one session, but regular courses, even once a week will give you the greatest benefit.



Many people enjoy the companionship and support that comes from group sessions. Others prefer individual attention for their session. The choice is yours. If you are interested in a private course, we invite you to contact us. The price is 50€ for a 1-hour private class with one of our experienced teachers.




Corporate is a world where collaboration and sharing among individuals is crucial. If there is harmony, this collaboration strengthens and the working place becomes a space where a healthy and enjoyable interaction supports the sustainable development of the company. Harmonious Breathing helps to create such a space that focuses on the breathing: the single most important factor that sustains our existence, and our mental and emotional environment. Please contact us for information on packages and prices: info@harmoniousbreathing.com